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5 amazing annual gaming Events You can’t miss

#1. Aras ancon


This is the oldest gaming event that was started back in the early 90s. Back then, people had no idea about online gaming and it was just an event where people celebrate various games. Today it has all sorts of games. It is held in Melbourne every year July.

#2. Avcon


It is one of the best Video game convections that have captured the world’s attention through the most fulfilling games show. It is held in Adelaide every year September and it was held recently in 2015. This event has been regarded as the chief informer on gaming trends and updates so people have all the reasons to flood on the ground and listen to what it has.

#3. EB games Expo


This is attended by close to forty thousand people every year. Trust me it is one of the biggest shows in the Sydney show ground. It features video games and other games that gamers from around the world have never stopped to like completely.

#4. RTX Australia


It is an international event that sees all the people from across the world attending the event. It is the best event that people have come together to dress it and make sure that they provide the best experience to attendants. That is why many people have liked it so far.

#5. Supanova pop culture


You can categorize it anywhere but its worth to be called a gaming event though it focuses even on movies about science fiction and includes games too. It has been vital in enlightening people about the gaming experience and other things so it has all the best gaming must know for gamers to be on the right track.