TOP 16 New STRATEGY Games 2018 – City Builders, Civilization, RTS & Turn Based Games

These are 16 strategy games upcoming 2018 & 2019.


00:05 Mars Horizon
00:34 Keep The Peace
03:12 Jurassic World Evolution
04:35 Necromunda Underhive Wars
05:25 Phoenix Point
06:27 Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden
08:59 Ancestors Legacy
11:05 Ancient Cities
13:04 Hard Ancient Life
14:24 Tropico 6
15:33 Anno 1800
16:25 Imperator Rome
17:17 Age of Wonders Planetfall
18:01 Iron Harvest 1920+
19:49 Total War Three Kingdoms
21:44 Age of Empires 4

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