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Suppose you have the best knowledge about gaming, you have the best information about gaming or you would like to let people know that you are a gaming pro. Don’t worry, we have a perfect position for you where you can let the world know your talent and desires.

Terms and conditions

For you to be eligible to write for use, your content must be original and not copied to ensure that it passes copy scape. You should always be a thrilling write with the creativity to design and come up with something readable and understandable that is very informative and reliable at the same time. All your articles must be around 350 to 500 words and they should not contain incomplete information that could leave our leaders in a dilemma. To ensure that this does not happen to you, always research well be systematic in your ideas and ensure that you bring out all the valuable information in the article.

Don’t write anything that is not related to gaming. We prefer that you stick to online gaming and sports because if you include other things, your chances of having the article published are very minimal. This is what brings the difference between this magazine and the others because we only deal with gaming things. After you have done everything, all articles should be uploaded to our drive for purposes of records and reference so that we can trace you in the event that your article has some returns that we should give you.